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Xinyuan group was founded in Zhengzhou, Henan in 1997 by Chairman Yong Zhang. It was then listed on NYSE in 2007, as one of the first Chinese developers to enter the overseas market and went public in the US. Adhering to the "Quality Real Estate "and" Smart Real Estate " idea in the past 20 years, Xinyuan has ranked among the top 100 Chinese real estate businesses for 15 consecutive years. Up to now, it has completed over 60 projects in over 20 Chinese cities and overseas destinations like New York, Los Angeles, London, Malaysia and so on, providing more than 200,000 homeowners with high quality accommodations.

The integration of technology and real estate is an inevitable trend as the industry evolves. In the recent years, Xinyuan Group has accelerated the strategic pace of technological transformation, actively deployed in the field of smart technology, extensively explored, and promoted the reform of the real estate industry with "technology-enabled real estate" as the starting point.

In the process of exploring the industrial Internet, Xinyuan Group takes real estate as its main business, technology and finance as its 2 strategic wings, and expands into an array of business including real estate development, industrial and city operations, financing outsourced construction, smart technology, commercial real estate management, and property management.

Xinyuan Group is committed to realizing the value connection between various business segments, and at the same time, extensively connecting with external industrial resources, creating a horizontal and vertical ecosystem of "vertical technology as the cornerstone and horizontal finance as the engine", realizing the three-dimensional connection and business integration values of internal, industry and industry chain.

Xinyuan has also developed a new corporate culture and established a new partner platform. With the spirit of "Cooperation, Sharing and WinWin", this new cultural and organizational framework is bound to effect positive change in our business landscape, and created countless number of exciting possibilities that people are looking forward to.

To cement the success of our strategic vision of "XIN Platform, XIN Ecosystem, and XIN Empowerment", Xinyuan will devote itself to creating a new platform and ecology with an international vision and thinking, and expand the real estate development and other business, to gradually become the leader of the international technology real estate ecology.

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Since its establishment in Zhengzhou,1997, Xinyuan has embarked on an odyssey for over 20 years. The past 20 year journey has been eventful, because we have successfully weathered numerous challenges by leveraging on our steadfast commitment to "create smart urban homes". Yet the past 20 year journey has also been fruitful, because we have not only completed a myriad of quality real estate projects but also became a powerful and diversified group. Now empowered by our legacy and our commitment to the future, we are ready to bound for a new horizon.

The world around us is changing drastically, and the emergence of new technology products such as artificial intelligence and cloud platforms has extended the imagination of the future infinitely. The big mission of the era is how we keep up with the demand for development, revolutionize the development model, face the upcoming challenges, take initiatives, and ensure the long-term success of our company while contributing to society. It is an urgent question that demands contemplation and solution.

We have come up with a strategic vision of "XIN platform, XIN ecosystem, and XIN empowerment" to order to achieve the above mission in the next 3 to 5 years. Xinyuan will continue to focus on advancing its core real estate business, and expand its auxiliary business and become the leader of the international technology real estate ecology. Real estate is the core business of Xinyuan, and we will continue to strengthen, deepen its layout, and expand its scale. Meanwhile, we will also vigorously develop the two strategies of big technology and big finance, so that they can be continuously integrated with the business, and jointly promote the technological transformation of big real estate, as well as to promote the modernizations of technology, industrialization, internationalization and ecologicalization.

With real estate as its revenue powerhouse, Xinyuan is building up its strong position in this changing world by opening new path, establishing new platform, and creating new ecosystem. The decentralized nature of the ecosystem allows individuals flourish and blossom. Everyone is not only a consumer, but also a participant in the platform ecology. Xinyuan is committed to building a complete ecosystem, which also includes innovative business like financing outsourced construction, industrial and urban operations, smart technology, commercial real estate management, property management and other businesses, using technological innovation to solve the pain points of industry development and operation, and using smart innovation to build a new ecology of community life , and using information innovation to promote the efficiency of real estate companies.

It is the vision of Xinyuan people to become "the leader of international technology real estate ecology", and it is the direction that spurs Xinyuan people's continuous efforts. Xinyuan keeps pace with the times in innovation and exploration, forge ahead with determination, continuous evolution, and constantly feeds back the society with high-quality products and services. This is our unswerving lofty ideal as a company. Looking ahead, Xinyuan aims to become a great company with more vigorous fighting spirit and fuller enthusiasm!

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