Talent concept

Xinyuan believes that talent is the first element of the company's development.Therefore, Xinyuan respects talents, recruits talents, makes good use of talents,cultivates talents, and shares the results of enterprise development with talents. XinYuan believes that only those talented people with lofty aspirations and good conduct can practice and realize the company's vision! At the same time, Xinyuan also firmly believes that first-class talents create first-class careers, first-rate careers to cultivate first-rate talents, and through the symbiosis and win-win situation between the company and its employees, to create a permanent foundation for the company's infrastructure and achieve its own splendid future.

Salary and welfare

Xinyuan is an international group company with diversified businesses. The compensation and welfare policies fllow the international conventions of multinational companies. In order to attract talents, we adopt a higher compensation strategy to increase competitiveness. Our philosophy is to retain high-level talents with high pay while creating first-class performance. This system is simple but effective, with the market, with international standards Employee compensation includes fixed annual salary, bonuses, equity incentives, and life benefits.

Staff activities


Campus recruitment

Xinyuan Group has established a complete training system for talent development. "Y's X-Square Plan" is a growth plan specially created by Xinyuan Group for young people, a career development path and channel with unlimited growth possibilities. In Xinyuan, it is not a dream to be a manager in 3 years, a director in 5 years, and a general manager in 8 years!
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